How do I care for my Pearls?

Pearls are created by a living creature. They are formed when a bead or nucleus is inserted into a shellfish. A substance called “nacre” is secreted by the animal and coats the bead through time like layers in an onion. The thicker the nacre , the more beautiful the pearl’s luster will be. Being comprised of an organic substance , pearls are very sensitive to  chemicals such as hairspray, perfumes and make-up.

We recommend applying all of your cosmetics first, then put on your pearls. Promptly remove your pearls after you have enjoyed wearing them and store them away from any other jewelry in their own pearl folder or soft cloth. Restring your pearls when there is movement between them , or if the strand has broken. Typically pearls are strung and knotted on silk, which can wear through time. If you wear your pearls often, a once a year restringing may be a good rule of thumb. You may clean your pearls with a gentle , mild pearl cleaner  that we sell in our showroom at Jem Jewelers.

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