We all know there’s no better pain relief than physical contact with someone you love. Whether it be just holding their hand or being enveloped in a hug, it always helps us feel better. When we are hurting it’s just our instinct to search for that physical contact with a loved one to soothe us. Unfortunately, the people we love can’t always be by our sides. Life sometimes prevents us from being able to hug them tightly whenever we want. They could be at work, overseas, or live far away. Could photos of our loved ones help ease whatever is paining us?

The Results Are In

There’s good news for all those who are missing somebody! Studies have proven that looking at photos of someone you love can help relieve pain as effectively as physical contact. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine scanned the brains of people who are in love. The subjects looked at photos of their partners while varying levels of pain were applied to their palms. The results showed that average pain was relieved up to 44% and intense pain was alleviated by 13%.

The study also showed that it doesn’t have to be a photo of a significant other that helps ease pain. Looking at any photo of someone you love will do! The next time you’re wishing you could be hugging that special someone when you’re in pain, just flip through photos of family, pets, and friends and you’ll be feeling relief in no time! It’s the magic power of photos.

Now we know for sure that looking a photo of someone in a locket necklace can dull whatever pain you’re going through. Each time you glance at the photo tucked inside the photo locket, you’ll know their love is always close and that you can get through anything.