Jem Jewelers understands that the security of your jewelry is of utmost importance. We have the largest on-site jewelry repair facility in the Bucks and Montgomery counties. The jewelry is kept in our secure location and is worked on by the finest of jewelry crafts people. Our staff consists of 3 on-site GIA jewelers each specializing in different areas such as stone setting, wax carving, engraving, ring sizings, and other aspects of jewelry work. Everything from a simple chain solder to custom work and intricate ring restorations is done on location.

By completing the work in-house, Jem Jewelers is able to finish the work in a timely manor and at a great value. Rings should be cleaned and inspected at least once every six months to avoid losing a gemstone. We are happy to offer complimentary cleaning and stone checking while you are in the store. You can trust that your complete satisfaction is our goal. We will handle each repair with the attention and care you have come to know at Jem Jewelers since 1978.


A Jewelry Appraisal is among the most important documents you will ever acquire. A trained professional can provide accurate information and reliable documentation of the quality and value of your jewelry. Jem Jewelers is staffed with trained and experienced Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologists and appraisers.

We appraise all kinds of jewelry including Diamonds, Gemstones, Estate Jewelry, Watches, and anything else you can think of! If you have not had your jewelry appraised in the past 5 years, we recommend that you do so soon in case of loss. Appraisals are free of charge on items purchased at Jem Jewelers.

Jewelry Insurance

After you have selected a gorgeous piece of jewelry, your next decision should be how to insure it against loss, damage, and theft. The personal jewelry insurance program from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Jewelers Mutual's Personal Jewelry Insurance program provides protection for loss, theft, and damage. They even cover mysterious disappearance. Jewelers Mutual repairs or replaces your insured jewelry with like kind and quality. There is no deductible unless you choose one. In addition, jewelry losses with Jewelers Mutual won't affect your homeowner's insurance policy.